Monday, July 6, 2009

first marathon in my life.

First Marathon In my life.. so excited on the day before didn't sleep well.BEcause SIN YEE LAH!! ASK US GO eat Korean BBQ! till SO FULL! next day 5 am we ady start finding transport to reach masjid jamek. Finally we found 1 taxi. when reach masjid jamek ady 6am.. me and jie was too tired.. haha! sit there wait my family come.

suddenly stomach "crash" like washing machine..
then we go find toilet.
OH MY GOD! now I know. Malaysian like bangsai in the morning

and Wat the purpose of the BALAI PEGeRKN stop beside the toilet!??? they scare ppl Bang too hard will cause the toilet explore!?? or they scare we protest because don't have toilet to use? hahaa!

finally they all reach at 630am

all like very energetic.. macam SEMANGAT at the beginning..

on that time I am still feeling super happy and excited...

but when hear the sound of horn~!!

while everyone is running..

my leg start to shake.. then only I realize I need to run 10KM!! that very far!!!! feel like don wan to cross the starting line...

finally i had push by ppl behind.. no choice..

half way.. I really feel like crying..10 KM really long.... tired.. feeling bored to run alone.. lucky I got my ipod with me..

pass by parliment, station kuala lumpur, KL tower EARLY morning! that FEELING GOOD~~!!(feeling like scuba diving..cause you are running deep from the starting line and no turning back) the Silent of the building.. AND SUDDENLY I SAW SPIDER MAN!!!

THIs uncle->

the reason he wear this custom is because his "cucu' suka..

hahahaa... THat the great entertainment while runing..

sumore when reach "water" station which will only appear 2.5km once..
I try to grab as much water as possible.. but not able to drink it.. cause while runing + grabbing the water cup.. and when I put it near my mouth those water ady pour on my shirt..

finally I try to grabbed a sponge. then when squid it on my head.. I heard something weird..
bzzZZZ...BzzzZZZ... OH MY GOD!!!!!! MY IPOD!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! (but lucky not broken la..ahaha..)

then I try to force my my self to finish it..I use few ways to encourage my self
  1. keep running with girl.. hehee!
  2. keep chasing girl..
at last this two thing doesn't work for me. so I try to put my vision nearer.

finally we complete this marathon..and this is the first time We Take part! :)

10KM!! no plray plray one di ah! because of this MEDAL make me run 10km! cannot eat also! Useless.. at the end i try to eat it. OUCH! that really hard.........

yawning while going back..

this is the report + result for us as souvenir.

my average running speed is 8.9kph. slower than a child riding their bicycle..

see my name and my papa name? WE REACH togather.. that the touch moment!!
(actually i start to run first before my dad ..hehe!)

they are selling picture also.. just enter your bid number.. you will see your photo. 1 photo cost around SGD34!!

What if give you this much of condom!?

how they recognize their company provide world No. 1 brand? how they test ah? hahaha!

got employed tester not? :")

photo taken at Muar. near Tanjong.

just when I put my camera in my bag. Jie cousin(8 year old) stand behind me. lucky he didn't ask me." goh goh..what so special with this lorry!" hahahaha!!

I also dono how to answer. cause his father also standing not far from us... =.=|||

Friday, July 3, 2009

my new baby(first web page in my life that create by me!)

YEy~! finally I COmplete MY First WebPage in MY life!

( I know it is a simple webpage.. but I have using so much time to do that. cause at first I have no ideal what is and what is C# !! but FInally I get use to it ady!!!!)

from design button to design layout to design FLASH..Wau.. I have learn how to use photoshop,flash and! GOOD !!!

I will celebrate every year on this day! haha!

I would like to thank my Big BRo - Naing
  • he the great programmer
  • he is the one show me I AM SUCh a Childhood programmer in the world! ahaha!(cause before that I tought thing we study really can apply in this world..but I am worng.)
  • he is the most handsome man! haha!
  • erm..sumore...
  • .... dono wat to write about him.... Conclusion: HE IS OUR Company GREAT HERO!! haha!
cause when I copy my design to his computer it appear alot of problem 50+ warning 40+ error! haha! HE solve it one by one for me.. so want to hug him..hehe!

okok..stop talking bout him first.. I have to introduce Web that I build

and I am the one who create the most problem to him! ahhaha(SORRY bro!)