Friday, August 28, 2009

McD Ice cream Art !! ahhaha!

Those day almost everyday buy McD Ice cream...

instead of just licking on it...I still licking on it. BUT PRODUCE what I call


haha! check out the picture below! is a fountain

ta da~~~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bukit Tabur

Bukit Tabur , Taman Melati ,setapak , kl , selangor.

Early morning on 630AM we reach Petronas beside the highway of MRR2. while waiting Everyone reach. Penang Man (yong zhi) show us which is the top of the mount. (but actually -->cloud) =.=

In mex car.. So excited and took out my camera shoot some photo in car.

At first when we reach this place We thought we reach ady.!! YEY... but after that the reverse light from infront car blink out! ...... ..... ... .. . . . ... we actually into the wrong way!! gosh~~ but this is the mount we want to climb also la..haha!

just a Tiny "entrance" to go up the mount.

starting point. everyone look so fresh and sweet~~ smile...

getting serious..

cause we have quite large group so we have to wait quite some time while climbing up.

while waiting. I try to shoot some photo:

they Tag AH chai in this picture. haha! cause Chai not able to join us. because he quite "hak zai" day before..

Finally we can see some view from "top" of the mount we take a break and have a group photo. (there is alot mount peak over there AND WE HAVE TO CROSSSSSS one by one.. )

View from above..

after panorama three picture it look tooo long..can't fit in the layout.( *click on the photo to have better "view" haha!* )

keep climbing up and down....

We found a golden foot step.. dono what nature thing make it this color.. hehe! [$.$] I try to step on it.. maybe can win toto on that day..(but I FORGET TO BUY!!! )

another look out point.

finally we reach the Highest point (as yong zhi say )

take a group photo.. but yong zhi hand block someone.... sien......

one of the Dangerous part..

ZOOOm in the blue color word on the rock...

回头是岸 (Repent and be saved) lucky we got turn back and see.. so we all save.. haha(just kidding)

some other look out point! tat amazing! really.. never expect we could see this kind of view in KL!!! haha!

some nature printing on the rock

Jesus! (chai you don have to worry.. jesus is around you all the time.. even around us on that time!)

before we climb the mount. my friend to me tat is a crystal mount.. WOnder why they say so. untill mex discover this rock.. then 3 of us.. jinn, mex and I knock our head--- --- "Oh~~~~~"

haha! it
blink when the sun shine on it!! COOL!

we are on the cloud!!!!!! look like a wave in the sky... COOOOOLLLLLL!!!

time to get down climb down...

I LOVE THIS SHOT below soooooooo MUCH!!! hahaha! taken when we climb down.. almost fall down...

finally we found a place that we can have a rest over there..

ppl say " Good thing no cheap, Cheap things never good!" HERE it show UP! I bought the glove at 7eleven! only RM1.10 but...see wat happen...ahah!

then we continue to finish up our Mount "espidisi"...

penang man (yong zhi can't wait to grap 1 1ooPLUS! hahaha )LOOK At his face!! hahaj

Yeah at the end We make it! and Jinn told us this is the first time she climb mount!
JINN!! YOU ARE SUPER WOMEN!!! Hahahaha!!! BRave! good! next time our KK mount you are one of our group!!

Wish to go up again... haha!

Monday, August 24, 2009


19-Aug-2009 when walk by KLCC can see lot ppl queuing at 1901,

walk to that counter keh poh, see got wat "ZEng~ yeh" can buy.

that RM2.99 1901 "DeutschDoodle Dang" !! so cheap!
( Ok. I never ate this thing before,.. haha! but look at the normal price it cost around RM6 )
What YJ usually will do when look at the cheap thing ESPECIALLY Food!! ( GRAB 1 of it!!!)

What I found --> nice BOX "showing" how the bla blabla.. look like..

when I am So excited open the Box!

ok..does it look like this even if there is no promotion... look.. so..... blurueeekkkkkk~~

Since i have spend RM2.99 to buy this SXXt I should have responsible to "EAt"=swallow it.

YUack!!! feel i better go carefore buy hotdog bread..the BRead of 1901 is REALLY SUCK! and sticky. MY GOD! who the one invent this kind of food and so much ppl wan to buy it.. isit because the brand?

but hot dog still ok la... (sigh~~ )

Rate 2/10

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Congratulation! CONVO MMU

Congratulation to:
net,steph,ester,fish,penn pen..

when see them got 2 feeling
  1. sad
  • - is I am so old dy.. still not grad yet.
  • -so many ppl convo and get a job..when my turn still got job offer to me?

  1. happy
  • they COnvo.
  • keep imagine I am one of them! hhahahahah!
next post BUKIT TABUR!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

sKytrex Extreme challenge

so sad that my photo being stolen by other.

That day I was too rush, then just simply upload the photo to facebook without putting any banner.
at last I saw the photo taken by me was uploaded in my friend album. I don get any request from that also.

It been a hard time to take photo while in half way of the SKYtrex Extreme.

Photo (taken by me) can be said is my "Art" work. it meant a lot to me. no matter how bad is my skill. [ at least if next time who really want my photo. send a request to me]

beside I had upload the skytrex photo in facebook and giving detail description in each photo

next post-convo.MMU.cyber.09