Monday, September 28, 2009

Broga Hill @ semenyih [ view ]


will have more later one! keep track!

thank you! :)

Broga Hill @ semenyih [ 3 ]

HEading to the third peak! last peak!

after the second peak with all thatch and now turn to this kind of grass..

and I dono what are these grass named.

we just wonder how to make this green green grass work it on..haaha! then someone not hesitate to jump in there to shoot on! haha!!

half way we saw a big rock. so we decided to have a group photo. :)

No matter where i climb where i hike (skytrex ,Gunung Datuk) there is always a bee come to me... :)

view from peak 3:

who attend??

some of the broga hill VIEW I had uploaded

Broga Hill @ semenyih [ 2 ]

just a short while we reach the last path..
broga hill can consider the easiest peak we reach
that why they are using "hill" --broga hill

see! this pic below can show how slippery is the route we take.

linhui and hue ling VS yuan jun and yoke kang

dono is Malaysia culture or what. no matter at where
bukit tabur, gunung ledang,gunung ledang... everywhere there is so called "Rock art" around.
when Reaching Broga hill peak....everyone have their own activity.

after the first peak,along the way was full of thatch.

and we had an ideal. why don we "jump" into the grass to have few shoot?! haha!

next post->continue..

some of the broga hill VIEW I had uploaded

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Broga Hill @ semenyih [ 1 ]

4am it was raining heavily as yongzhi call me and said :" YJ, I think we need to cancel the trip. cause it was raining over there also."

after hang up the phone. -> no ideal what is going on.
after a few minute of [brain processing] only I realize--> WTF!! WE NEED TO CANCEL OUR TRIP!!??

then We try to search for another place to go.
finally we search nothing. great! what should we do now!!?

DOn't CARE! WE SHOULD REACH THERE NO MAtter WAt happen! once we reach if still raining only we think another place to go.. haha!

Petronas : feed our vehicle||buy food and drink

730am we start our journey to Semenyih-BROGA HILL!

by depending our GPS MAN (yong zhi)'s device
we manage to get to tat place

from Wikipedia
Broga hill Coordinates: 2°56′14″N 101°54′40″E
Broga is a small town that sits on the border of Selangor and Negri Sembilan in Malaysia. It is situated 50 kilometres (31 mi) from Kuala Lumpur and approximately 33 kilometres (21 mi) from Seremban, the capital of Negri Sembilan.

information below provide by penang man - Yong Zhi :)

clear weather !

Clear weather and we arrive!

quite a lot of ppl climb the mount also.

first path : palm tree.

when reach "divider" we start to figure out which way we should follow.(there is a lot different path to reach the highest peak.) so we choose the right hand side path (climb up path).

after raining at the morning. track more slippery and dangerous.

we saw lot of poodle when we climbing up. this is one of it :)


found some weird plant while on the way to the top... :)

next post - > to the second peak!