Monday, February 8, 2010


Saturday night with the New -NEW BALANCE Shoe father bought for me since last time penang bridge marathon I take part of another marathon --> PUTRAJAYA night marathon so called FIRST NIGHT MARATHON IN MALAYSIA. this time didn't bring camera while running because took part of half marathon 21 km. half way run,I felt quite regret =>left my camera at home so much best view to shoot on..

Just now my cousin SMS me , said tat I'm IN CHINA PRESS! GOD! hahah! and I was running in middle one.. fell run like a SUPER STAR!!! so in focus! hahaha! I am sure tat me. with the pant i bought from langkawi, shoe my papa bought..and my face!

story behind the photo:
while this photo is taken..I am actually feel vomiting!my stomach was burning! haha! cause before the run me and cousin was eating nasi lemak x 2 .. super spicy!

zoom in~~!!! WUhahaha! shock sendiri!
Before reaching the finish line
My leg cramp..until I can't even walk..just standing there thinking if i could sit on the road now.. at that moment the crowd cheer on
phew~ I finally force my self walk through the finish line.. and I make it! haha!

As my facebook say.. this is the first and the last 21km Marathon I will take part..
when after go home->take bath-> only i feel my back all feel so pain.. and I Can't walk well! ahah! maybe I push my self too hard. :) But was a GREAT EXPERIENCE!

you all should really try it!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thaipusam at Batu cave

8pm.. when preparing to go kl wait for tomorrow morning Batu Cave for Thaipusam celebration.
8.30pm meet Arvind while waiting bus. He told me tat Batu Cave thaipusam celebration ady start during night time 9 pm and our prime minister also will go there too..
Then after discuss with ShuHui, she suggest to go now.. then straight away sms SAM AND then--> here we are-BATU CAVE! aahaha! *shorten the story.*

saw bright Full moon when reach Batu cave..

Before entering .. few ambulance coming out.. some of the Hindu believer faint while climbing up to batu cave.

stall selling nuts and all kind of Hindu culture snack.

even parent bring their child climb up Batu cave for praying purpose

meet my friend when in the cave

picture inside the cave.
Super great experience I ever had. was the first time I went Batu Cave.. we end up at mamak stall 4 am. :) thanks for Shu hui fetch us there~ THANK YOU VELI VELIIIii MUCH~~~

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I just receive the money from PAYPAL!! nice!

remember I told you guy to play the paypal wishlist ? here isit! i got 27 USD just asking my friend to play on it.. but too bad.. i only get 27 ppl to signup.. haha!

what Am I going to do with the 27 USD?? OH YA! I WILL BUY Arduino!! that I WISH FOR LONG TIME!!! hahahaha!! GREAT!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gunung ledang [1]

4am in the morning...

with song chun GPS we save lot time on finding the destination..

Raining before we reach..

rest house...
WHAt inside the rest housE?!

Juru latih was telling alot of story about gunung ledang...

and we ask isit Gunung ledang got lot of pantang?
he answer : "tak ada la.. jangan cakap bukan bukan buat sejati nak naik puncak."
the Biggest "cegerette butts" i ever see..

then YK go register first....
and we need to check every thing we wan to bring up.. even a single plastic.
then the instructor give us a brief about this hill...
and we found a super interesting on the map.... KFC!!!! WAT!!?? KFC???does it selling fried chicken and coldest coke ever??? haha!

next post.. start climb~~

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Walking 12 hour!

Walking 12 hour!
My Lx3 (camera) had been smash on the land of Thailand by my sister's friend. so just only can take photo by my hand phone. I know it bad quality but.. wat to do...

Have you Ever Walk for 12 hour non stop in your life!?
this is what we did week before last week- Saturday from 8pm Saturday till 8 am Sunday at putrajaya!

Deposit RM20 to get a chips

before the Walk start as my cousin and his friend was too hungry and wat my cousin did is call DOMINO! god he just murr....weird address to them say wat--> opposite PLACE OF JUSTICE and bla bla bla the domino.AND SO efficient they understand wat my cousin say..BRILLIANT!

a pizza before the walk..

It was the first time in my life think tat walking is so terrible till my leg "bite" my stocking ..

and finally we walk only 5 hour to achieve 36 km.. and we not able to walk.. even when I laugh my leg get numb.. and even I dono HOW TO WALK~ then me , zhu zai and my cousin just liying beside the road till 6am.. haha! nice one!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Digi give me Window 7 ultimate

YEs! its true! I WIN A WINDOW 7 ULTIMATE!!!(which some one told me cost about RM600)

take a photo-----> edit it----->Get prize!

how easy it is! can see below post


Reason I couldn't get a HP mini was.. the Broadband is subscribe date before 1 NOV 2009 !!! god.. should use other broadband to win this.... *sigh~

thank to those who vote and comment on my facebook :) thank you digi! although not a HP mini(quite disappointed as well) but ok lah.. at least got a window 7 untimate