Friday, July 3, 2009

my new baby(first web page in my life that create by me!)

YEy~! finally I COmplete MY First WebPage in MY life!

( I know it is a simple webpage.. but I have using so much time to do that. cause at first I have no ideal what is and what is C# !! but FInally I get use to it ady!!!!)

from design button to design layout to design FLASH..Wau.. I have learn how to use photoshop,flash and! GOOD !!!

I will celebrate every year on this day! haha!

I would like to thank my Big BRo - Naing
  • he the great programmer
  • he is the one show me I AM SUCh a Childhood programmer in the world! ahaha!(cause before that I tought thing we study really can apply in this world..but I am worng.)
  • he is the most handsome man! haha!
  • erm..sumore...
  • .... dono wat to write about him.... Conclusion: HE IS OUR Company GREAT HERO!! haha!
cause when I copy my design to his computer it appear alot of problem 50+ warning 40+ error! haha! HE solve it one by one for me.. so want to hug him..hehe!

okok..stop talking bout him first.. I have to introduce Web that I build

and I am the one who create the most problem to him! ahhaha(SORRY bro!)

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