Thursday, December 17, 2009

Walking 12 hour!

Walking 12 hour!
My Lx3 (camera) had been smash on the land of Thailand by my sister's friend. so just only can take photo by my hand phone. I know it bad quality but.. wat to do...

Have you Ever Walk for 12 hour non stop in your life!?
this is what we did week before last week- Saturday from 8pm Saturday till 8 am Sunday at putrajaya!

Deposit RM20 to get a chips

before the Walk start as my cousin and his friend was too hungry and wat my cousin did is call DOMINO! god he just murr....weird address to them say wat--> opposite PLACE OF JUSTICE and bla bla bla the domino.AND SO efficient they understand wat my cousin say..BRILLIANT!

a pizza before the walk..

It was the first time in my life think tat walking is so terrible till my leg "bite" my stocking ..

and finally we walk only 5 hour to achieve 36 km.. and we not able to walk.. even when I laugh my leg get numb.. and even I dono HOW TO WALK~ then me , zhu zai and my cousin just liying beside the road till 6am.. haha! nice one!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Digi give me Window 7 ultimate

YEs! its true! I WIN A WINDOW 7 ULTIMATE!!!(which some one told me cost about RM600)

take a photo-----> edit it----->Get prize!

how easy it is! can see below post


Reason I couldn't get a HP mini was.. the Broadband is subscribe date before 1 NOV 2009 !!! god.. should use other broadband to win this.... *sigh~

thank to those who vote and comment on my facebook :) thank you digi! although not a HP mini(quite disappointed as well) but ok lah.. at least got a window 7 untimate

Monday, November 30, 2009

Penanag Marathon

Penang Marathon!!! second 10 km attempt!

HAHA!! see!! still remember 1st marathon I cross the finish with my dad. now with my cousin! Super happy moment! (just ignore the blue shirt ppl in front la.. ahhaha!) - T530to605/PBIM3700

Thursday, November 26, 2009

DiGi Telecommunications photo contest!

few day ago when I visit Nuffnang website,I found that Digi photo contest --it so call -"Absolute nonsense!" can win a hp mini! IT GIVING out EVERYDAY!!!!! while this is what i post in!

Facebook | Fan photos from DiGi Telecommunications

the term was
1)you need to be a new Subscriber --YES! I AM!! haha
2) you need to upload by using Digi Broadband
-This really impress me! cause I thought I need long to to upload this pic.. But it took me A while! that means IT was a SUPER SPEED chip(DIGI) IN THE BROADBAND MODEM!! haha! yeng dou bao zah!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

PAypal wishlist!

OH MY god!!! you are not going to believe this after I told you!!! faster Make your step to earn USD $ 100 from paypay!!!!!

all you gonna do is register
  • facebook and
  • paypal account

then after that you just select the wish list and publish it to your post.. every single click on your link will earn USD $1 faster work it out!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sungai tekala

after this post.. I will stop posting around 2-3 week.

start to rush my final year project and other assignment

lonely walk in the jungle~

Sunlight!!! nice shot ever!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

What we did last deepavali

what we did last deepavali ? while going out with jinn and shuhui (shopping) in time-square, we found tat if we spend more than RM50 in time-square we will be able to try --
Kolam (Tamil: கோலம் kõlaṁ) is a form of sandpainting that is drawn using rice powder by female members of the family in front of their home. It is widely practised by Hindus in South India. A Kolam is a sort of painted prayer — a line drawing composed of curved loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots.
[definition from wikipedia ]
did you see that! Female member.. What am I doing tat day!!! god~~!!


the attraction of crowd happen while we are doing the kolam

they provide many color of rice- it smell sting.. cause of the vinegar smells.



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Draw in the dark!

when Jie was hanging her cloth at balcony, I found that Sky at KL in the night was so bright and lot of light shinning around us. I took out my LX3 and set the shutter speed to 60second. SO EXCITED it show this kind of effect!!

then I found something more interesting. I took a lighter and start to "draw".. :)

COOL EFFECT! I Never know that! hehe! tat so fun!

then Jie suggest:"why don't we make it in room. cause it more dark! and we can use candle to do it as there is not much air flow..."

Well OKAY~! WHY NOT? haha!

Jie start to write my name..

When you hold the light at the same place longer it appear a "star" blink Effect! COOL!

Ok my bad...I know it supper ugly! I just wan to make the word bold.. but it come out so "untidy" haha!

next time Must try on DSLR to set longer shutter speed so that I could write an essay! hahah!

Cameron Highland

Super happy Trip!! with 9 couple, 5 brother+sister hood ,5childhood total in 21 ppl! 2 apartment! 3 car!! hope this will happen every year.
since my sister say wan some privacy I just upload some of the photo only. :)
happiest moment EVER!!!!!!

kia farm and you can always see many ppl over there are using the same truck as this one.

Like the Fresh Green TEa leaf over there!

It hard to capture this kind of moment! I AM THE LUCKY ONE!! :)

Unedited Photo. It really wat i snap! hehe! nice one~ :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

7 step to have lomographic.

Watching ppl using Lomo~
RM200++ for each lomo! sumore was limited in market.
for me I rather spend 5minute to edit it. cause not every scene will suit lomo and each lomo only have 1 effect.but with photoshop I can make various of effect

set your foreground color to white color.

2.use gradient tool or press "G" at keyboard.

3.drag from where the light come from.

4. from toolbar above choose
[Image]-->[Adjustment] -->[Color Balance]

5.tune the color to more yellow state .

after complete tuning the color.

6. next we will tune vignette
[Filter]-->[Distort]-->[Lens Correction]

7. tune the vignette dankness and midpoint

ta- da~you take less than 5 minute to edit.. more effect edit will be post later...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Makam Mahsuri | Mahsuri Tomb

Makam MAhsuri | Mahsuri Tomb
was a young woman from the island of Langkawi in Malaysia who was accused of adultery and executed by stabbing. Her tomb, Makam Mahsuri, in Langkawi. -wikipedia-

Went there for many time. look not much different so didn't shoot much photo. last time just went there take photo only and dono what exactly happen over there. because so much rumor and there were 3 story!

After entering the muzium I know Mahsuri is a superwomen which all weapon can't kill her but only her father kris. sumore she's blood is WHITE COLOR! my god! she must be inordinate.

we went to Malay traditional house.

sunlight trough the house.

(I hear that mahsuri was a young beauty! but.....)

Mahsuri invent Laksa????
ha- ha- Ha-

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


while waiting my cousin to fetch me at paramount Lrt station I took some shot over there.

like this shot so much. reflect from the water. and I purposely put it upside down.