Thursday, November 26, 2009

DiGi Telecommunications photo contest!

few day ago when I visit Nuffnang website,I found that Digi photo contest --it so call -"Absolute nonsense!" can win a hp mini! IT GIVING out EVERYDAY!!!!! while this is what i post in!

Facebook | Fan photos from DiGi Telecommunications

the term was
1)you need to be a new Subscriber --YES! I AM!! haha
2) you need to upload by using Digi Broadband
-This really impress me! cause I thought I need long to to upload this pic.. But it took me A while! that means IT was a SUPER SPEED chip(DIGI) IN THE BROADBAND MODEM!! haha! yeng dou bao zah!!!!


Goh said...

wei....HP mini

twiseJ said...

Update :I get DIGI message just now. ask my contact. but dono will becuase my phone number is 019 exclude me from list? haha! If i get the prize I MNP to DIGI!!! HURREEY~~~