Thursday, December 17, 2009

Walking 12 hour!

Walking 12 hour!
My Lx3 (camera) had been smash on the land of Thailand by my sister's friend. so just only can take photo by my hand phone. I know it bad quality but.. wat to do...

Have you Ever Walk for 12 hour non stop in your life!?
this is what we did week before last week- Saturday from 8pm Saturday till 8 am Sunday at putrajaya!

Deposit RM20 to get a chips

before the Walk start as my cousin and his friend was too hungry and wat my cousin did is call DOMINO! god he just murr....weird address to them say wat--> opposite PLACE OF JUSTICE and bla bla bla the domino.AND SO efficient they understand wat my cousin say..BRILLIANT!

a pizza before the walk..

It was the first time in my life think tat walking is so terrible till my leg "bite" my stocking ..

and finally we walk only 5 hour to achieve 36 km.. and we not able to walk.. even when I laugh my leg get numb.. and even I dono HOW TO WALK~ then me , zhu zai and my cousin just liying beside the road till 6am.. haha! nice one!

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