Monday, June 29, 2009


Yo~ Almost 1 month having internship at MCA bulding ,which is veliiiiiiii near to KLCC.

Everyday will reach there before 8.30am and pass by KLCC park.
(the happiest moment in the whole day!!)why? cause i can breath better over there!

saw some nice scene.. just shoot it with my LX3.

Best timing to take Reflect KLCC from

roadside flower which just water by garderner

nice reflected view!hehe!

just wan show KL got lot of tree also de..hehe!

bridge that in KLCC park. got JOGGING TRACK sum more!! good!

Use to take lunch at here sometime.. :)

photo taken during lunch time: stair

cousin and me! :")

while walking to KLCC have my lunch. [When] look up to the sky.

coming post: Standard Charter KL marathon

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