Monday, August 24, 2009


19-Aug-2009 when walk by KLCC can see lot ppl queuing at 1901,

walk to that counter keh poh, see got wat "ZEng~ yeh" can buy.

that RM2.99 1901 "DeutschDoodle Dang" !! so cheap!
( Ok. I never ate this thing before,.. haha! but look at the normal price it cost around RM6 )
What YJ usually will do when look at the cheap thing ESPECIALLY Food!! ( GRAB 1 of it!!!)

What I found --> nice BOX "showing" how the bla blabla.. look like..

when I am So excited open the Box!

ok..does it look like this even if there is no promotion... look.. so..... blurueeekkkkkk~~

Since i have spend RM2.99 to buy this SXXt I should have responsible to "EAt"=swallow it.

YUack!!! feel i better go carefore buy hotdog bread..the BRead of 1901 is REALLY SUCK! and sticky. MY GOD! who the one invent this kind of food and so much ppl wan to buy it.. isit because the brand?

but hot dog still ok la... (sigh~~ )

Rate 2/10

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