Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Congratulation! CONVO MMU

Congratulation to:
net,steph,ester,fish,penn pen..

when see them got 2 feeling
  1. sad
  • - is I am so old dy.. still not grad yet.
  • -so many ppl convo and get a job..when my turn still got job offer to me?

  1. happy
  • they COnvo.
  • keep imagine I am one of them! hhahahahah!
next post BUKIT TABUR!


CarrotEgg said...


aprill4may said...

i lagi sad lar, think of next year convo, you all gone ady.....
Lagi sad news is, too many friend convo next year.....
You lar, ar jinn ar, rose lar , accounting senior lar, khin lar, bla~ bla ~ (sure will busy wif intern during the period, keke >,.< )