Saturday, October 17, 2009

7 step to have lomographic.

Watching ppl using Lomo~
RM200++ for each lomo! sumore was limited in market.
for me I rather spend 5minute to edit it. cause not every scene will suit lomo and each lomo only have 1 effect.but with photoshop I can make various of effect

set your foreground color to white color.

2.use gradient tool or press "G" at keyboard.

3.drag from where the light come from.

4. from toolbar above choose
[Image]-->[Adjustment] -->[Color Balance]

5.tune the color to more yellow state .

after complete tuning the color.

6. next we will tune vignette
[Filter]-->[Distort]-->[Lens Correction]

7. tune the vignette dankness and midpoint

ta- da~you take less than 5 minute to edit.. more effect edit will be post later...

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