Thursday, October 22, 2009

Draw in the dark!

when Jie was hanging her cloth at balcony, I found that Sky at KL in the night was so bright and lot of light shinning around us. I took out my LX3 and set the shutter speed to 60second. SO EXCITED it show this kind of effect!!

then I found something more interesting. I took a lighter and start to "draw".. :)

COOL EFFECT! I Never know that! hehe! tat so fun!

then Jie suggest:"why don't we make it in room. cause it more dark! and we can use candle to do it as there is not much air flow..."

Well OKAY~! WHY NOT? haha!

Jie start to write my name..

When you hold the light at the same place longer it appear a "star" blink Effect! COOL!

Ok my bad...I know it supper ugly! I just wan to make the word bold.. but it come out so "untidy" haha!

next time Must try on DSLR to set longer shutter speed so that I could write an essay! hahah!


Goh said...

GENG ah !!
i time i will try with my vivid camera...

Cherie26 - Pei Xuan said...

i love your lighter effect, can you tell me how to do it, and i'm using the LX3 too,
hope to hear from you soon.


twiseJ said...

you could use the manual mode. "m" then switch the shutter seed to 15 sec cond. or higher.. the shutter speed can alter till 60second.

Goh said...

my vivid cam only support till 8 second nia, how much the iso value need to adjust?