Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gunung Datuk ( Gunung Rembau )

Finally Grab a chance to climb Gunung Datuk. at first Jian Xian
was the organisor and the member is me , liao and zhu zai but end up the
organisor fong fei kei.. he say he headach woh.. ok lah forgive him.

you can't find Gunung Datuk in wikimapia - you should try
Gunung rembau

Sunday! early morning..litter rain..

my Father was joining us this time! HURREY~! hahaha! nice!

Gunung Datuk! here i COmE!

with patun at the side~! haha!tak faham langsung~~

before Climb this mount, we need to register. Paid RM3. but i
still remember last time we don have to pay even 1 cent.. but never mind lah..
they are renovate place over there.

this Admin told me that we could have camping over there Tent and
campside only cost RM5!! next time can plan to camp at there! should be very fun! scare we lost in the jungle..haha! IC include in the form

dono who ride the bicycle to here! maybe the owner lost in the jungle long time ago~!! HAHAHA!!

before "Entering" the forest. the entrance and the exit. If you never been there before you will never know where is the entrance... no signboard

when you get in you can just follow the string that ppl tight on the tree.we almost get lost when the way back.

climb! It is super hard to climb. need SUPER ALOT staminal.


Rest AGAIN!!!.. we keep taking rest all the way.. becuase it really hard.!

yo~ my dad! HE keep climb after half way following us(turtle).. cause we

are too slow... :( saw a long leaf that stick togather..

all the way we are depend on the rock and the root of the tree to
climb up.

nah~! this is zhu zai la..haha!

while taking rest I keep put my sight all around.. found alot of natural strengh things such as this "forest Big bowl" (below left)

lin ZHi ?!

tree's skin.. Found this when we take a break on half way.. dono what is this.although bing zhi didn;t sleep well night before.. so ...this is how he feel...hahaha!

REST~~~ AND REST~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

--I didn't take much picture on the way to the top. cause It killing me!! USE UP MY STAMINAL!!!---

flowers on the peak.

finally we reach! haha

need to climb this stair.. but all ady "karat" one... QUITE dangerouse. the star complain bout it also..

From Gunung Datuk

My dad told me this is the Hang tuah foot print. and the other foot print at somewhere else maybe at gung ledang... if don believe. read THE STAR! HHAHA!

From Gunung Datuk

From Gunung Datuk

looking at Hang tuah foot step

  • click the photo below to have bigger view.

toilet BOWL!??hahah! dono who build this.. how ppl flush it?

see this is wat my best friend treat me when group photo..hahaha! (fake.)

LIke this pic very much ! New born baby plant~ sweeeet.Cute*

otak udang? wat is otak udang? answer from wikipedia

Pokok Otak Udang Daun Tumpul merupakan sejenis tumbuhan yang
terdapat di
hutan Malaysia. Nama
saintifiknya Buchanania arborescens (Bl.).

root~ gunung datuk <-- grandpa. those tree are supper old. the root are for us to climb up.

From Gunung Datuk

they say this is tumor tree! hahaha! (so cham.)

From Gunung Datuk

while climb down.. we keep asking "is this the way we climb up?" cause we never expect that we climb that high..

and 1 thing. going back are very bored.. and you need lot staminal also. you need to grap the tree. string that ready for us.. quite hard also...

big one~!! while taking this picture.. I bitten by a small litter ant. bengkak for 3 day..Poisoning!!

drink~~~ finally we complete! hahaha!
zhu zai and my cousin try to read the "asal usul" of gunung datuk

From Gunung Datuk
here are the signboard tell all the story..haha

hard time~ worth!


Farhsa Izdfar said...

lol.. nowdays got toilet bowl up there? hahahaha!!

but ok la tu.. at gunung tahan peak there got a real toilet bowl. duh! wonder who/how they bring it up there..

twiseJ said...

haha! yaya.. will go gunung tahan this year maybe..