Thursday, September 17, 2009

1st time e-Bay"ing"! 2.0X tele lens LX3

1st time e-Bay"ing"! 2.0X tele lens LX3

box in the box!

there is 2 things inside the box. one is
1. Pandan Base Adapter
2. 52mm 2.0x Telephoto Lens

what the effect!?

don't know how to say.. haha! look at the photo your self.

what the different? can't see clearly huh? hahah! k lah.. whatever.. as long as it can zoom 2X more! :D and for portrait it work very well! will post it on my blog later on.

but 1 thing bad
there is vignetting for full range-->

after "plug in" my Lx3 become Sooo

P/s :It took 5 day only to reach my house!! it was super efficient... :)


eRic said...

i'm interested to that lence. Can tell where can i get it? is tat very useful to take portrait photo? As i would like to take portrait photo, but problem is the background never blurred out. Can help? thanks

twiseJ said...

hi eRic,

ya with this tele lens you can have striking portrait shot,
I bought it on ebay