Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Clinic ( tooth restoration )

Early Morning~ 8.00am. what will you do? Work ,study? SLEEP??

What I do today was--->take number at UKM Dental clinic

Waiting "hall".

While waiting 9.30am (Jie section). Huijie ask for history

treat me so nice--(she must be scare also..HAHAHAHA!! scare i complain her~!! haha! just kidding only)

she give me Tooth fairy.

she told me " Jun if you guai guai listen to me, this is your gift..." =.=|||

BUT! Becuase of getting this sticker! I act guai guai only lor...

Dental tool~!!

and dono why they use Clib buaya..hahah! sumore I found the tool they use to
"screw" my tooth label --"LUX3 " leica camera model!! haha
she use on of the black tool..(dono what thing isit.something got electric de bah..)

use to test is my teeth healthy or not....

After doing checking... she bring me to take X-ray~!

Photo after this.... I Don dare to take ady.. just hold my hand tide.. close my eyes hardly..HAHA!

By the way..HAve to say thank you to Hui Jie also la..

I believe if do this filling at private..it will gonna kill me!

cause they don bother patient feeling.. all they wan is FAST!!!

Thanks for hui jie kindly treated..

now I can use both side of my teeth to chew food dy.. Must find back my appetite!!!!

p/s: should say thank you to huijie partner also. I don't know their name. I just remember 1 KEr wei~! thanks a lot!

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