Monday, September 28, 2009

Broga Hill @ semenyih [ 2 ]

just a short while we reach the last path..
broga hill can consider the easiest peak we reach
that why they are using "hill" --broga hill

see! this pic below can show how slippery is the route we take.

linhui and hue ling VS yuan jun and yoke kang

dono is Malaysia culture or what. no matter at where
bukit tabur, gunung ledang,gunung ledang... everywhere there is so called "Rock art" around.
when Reaching Broga hill peak....everyone have their own activity.

after the first peak,along the way was full of thatch.

and we had an ideal. why don we "jump" into the grass to have few shoot?! haha!

next post->continue..

some of the broga hill VIEW I had uploaded

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